Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Ministry at FUMC Holland

The ministry of the laity, in a local church, is as important as the ministry of the clergy.  In fact most would argue that the laity, simply because of their numbers, are more important to the vitality of a local church.

Leaders often measure the strength of the churches they serve by the scope of the churches’ ministries.  This overlooks the greater impact that the church is having in its community through the ethical conduct and sound decision making of its members as they live daily lives in the world.  Formed in Christ, these members undertake a variety of vocational pursuits: teachers, doctors, farmers, lawyers, laborers, scientists, managers, and business owners.  They touch most sectors of the economy, including business, government, the military and non-profits.  The righteous life they pursue has a ripple effect acros the culture in which they live.     (Loevett Weems)

At Holland First there are numerous ways you can get involved in ministry.  Involvement can be short term in nature such as volunteering to do yard work in the spring.  You can also serve on a more long-term basis by agreeing to be on an administrative or planning committee.





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