Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Extravagant Generosity Ministry


Have you thought about Generosity as a faith-building experience in your growing discipleship?

  • How can I grow in my commitment to Christ and his work?
  • Where is Christ calling me to give my time and leadership?
  • How is Christ calling me to give more to God’s work?

As you consider your relationship with Christ, there is the promise of growth and fruitfulness.  Disciples are aware of their blessings and God’s abundance.  We understand that we can never out give God.  There is always more to be done.

“Strong stewardship first and foremost centers on relationship with Christ.”

From Ministry Matters “Stewardship is Relationship”,
by Todd Outcalt, August 1, 2018


Holland FUMC needs and appreciates your time, talents and treasures given in service ministries to others.

Jan Sampson, Extravagant Generosity Leader

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